Singer-songwriter Jay Harris posesses that rare, eclectic mix of thoughtful lyrics and hard to forget melodies
that are in short supply these days. With a vocal, as well as writing style, reminiscient of early Dylan, Neil Young
and The Band, he has carved a musical niche in the bars and honky tonks of the midwest and continues to win fans
of his music everywhere he plays. Whether he is playing solo acoustic and harmonica, or backed onstage
by his 5-piece band “WhiskeyHorse”, Harris is a magnetic performer whose voice and words are at times haunting,
meloncholy, inspiring and uplifting. His songs run the gamut from folk, country, americana, rhythm and blues
and straight ahead rock. His live shows feature whiskey-tinged harmonies and back-road guitars, telling stories
that will buy you a drink and then follow you home.

Born and raised in Chicago, he now lives in rural southwest Wisconsin.

His backing band “WhiskeyHorse” is…

Dan Whitaker - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bill Britt - Guitar, Piano/Organ
Alex DeForest - Bass
Pat Samson - Drums